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Taking Care of Your Skin

January 11, 2011
Dr. George Moynihan

With the temperatures dropping in this harsh winter season it is important to remember the effects environmental conditions can have on your skin. Windy, cold weather diminishes the skin’s moisture levels; creating dry, cracked, irritated skin. A great solution to combating irritated winter skin is Refissa, the newest FDA approved cream to treat rough skin, fine facial wrinkles, and irregular pigmentation. Refissa contains a derivative of vitamin A, tretinoin, which works deep at the skin’s cellular level by increasing collagen. Refissa differs from other tretinoin products in that it contains a more significant amount of emollients, allowing for greater and deeper moisturizer specifically for sensitive skin. Another great option to refresh and revitalize winter skin is the Obagi Blue Peel. The Obagi Blue Peel is unique in that it is tailored to each patient’s specific skin needs and significant improvement in your skin becomes visible within one week; leaving your skin firmer, clearer, smoother, and healthier.

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