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Non-surgical and Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures Chicago

This page offers a general overview of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures we offer at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery. We are dedicated to providing relevant information on plastic surgery procedures as well as non-surgical procedures like lip augmentation procedure, Botox procedure, skin resurfacing procedure, laser resurfacing procedure, facial filler procedure, and wrinkle treatment procedure. If you’re considering a non-surgical facial procedure, visit the links below to find a decent introduction to our services along with some more detailed information. Please select one of the links below to learn about the procedure.

Lip Augmentation Procedure

In the past, a lip augmentation procedure with injectables was mostly reserved for older women who wanted younger-looking lips. Today, that has changed. There is a large increase in young women requesting lip augmentation. A lip augmentation procedure at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery provides patients with natural-looking results through Dr. Moynihan's "less is more" approach.

Botox Procedure

As you age, gravity begins to take its toll on your body — and your facial skin is no exception. Fortunately, injectables, including facial fillers and Botox®, can help you to turn back the hands of time in a non-invasive way. Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles to appear. A Botox procedure takes no more than a few minutes, less than an hour at least, to complete. You can have a Botox procedure done during your lunch break and return to work after. No recovery or downtime needed.

Skin Resurfacing Procedure

A skin resurfacing procedure is designed to improve the quality of the skin’s surface by minimizing fine lines and dynamic wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation issues and skin laxity.

Dr. Moynihan employs various techniques for skin resurfacing including chemical peel, dermabrasion, and laser surgery. Each skin resurfacing procedure done is specific to the patient's needs and goals.

Laser Resurfacing Procedures

What is a laser? A laser is a high-energy beam of light that can selectively transfer its energy into tissue to treat the skin. Lasers contain a material that produces and amplifies light. A laser resurfacing procedure addresses such skin issues as wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin tone (dark spots, sun spots, age spots, etc.). A laser resurfacing procedure works by stimulating the body's collagen production and natural healing process to generate new skin.

Facial Fillers Procedure

Facial fillers, also referred to as injectable fillers, are substances which can be injected beneath the skin to soften the appearance of wrinkles, facial scars and contour deformities. A facial filler procedure uses different types of dermal fillers, from Voluma to Juvederm, and the Restylane line of fillers.

Swelling and/or bruising may occur after a facial filler procedure but this is temporary and should go away in a day or two.

Wrinkle Treatments Procedure

The gradual development of facial wrinkles, whether fine surface lines or deeper creases and folds, is the classic early sign of accumulated skin damage and inevitable aging. A wrinkle treatment procedure like Botox or dermal filler as well as injectable implant are among the safest and most popular options chosen by both women and men.

During consultation, Dr. Moynihan will determine the appropriate wrinkle treatment procedure for you based on your needs and treatment goals.

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