A saggy, wrinkled neck is virtually impossible to disguise with any type of clothing or treat with creams or serums. No matter what skincare products you apply that promise skin-firming effects, an aging neck appearance persists and worsens. A neck lift is the definitive solution for an aging neck – when performed with the most advanced techniques. 

Deb's Lower Face and Neck Lift Testimonial at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery

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Types of neck lift surgeries: What’s right for you?

Your individual condition will determine the surgical approach necessary to restore a youthful, defined jawline and upper neck.

Lower neck lift

This form of neck lift is fairly invasive, treating the entire chin area. It involves liposuction to remove under-chin and upper neck fat in addition to removing excess skin. The incisions are placed in the front of the ear, continue to the back of the hairline, and may vary in length. 


This surgery is performed to reduce the appearance of vertical neck bands, which can give the neck an aged appearance.


This surgical approach is far less invasive, and Dr. Moynihan often uses this technique to restore a firm, defined appearance to the chin and jawline. The procedure is focused on removing a double chin that won’t disappear despite regular exercise and diet. Fatty deposits along the jawline can leave you looking heavier, even when in good physical shape, and may be an inherited physical trait. A submentoplasty requires only about an hour or less to complete and comes with smaller incisions and a faster recovery time. The incisions are placed around your ears, with another small incision made under the chin, all of which are virtually invisible once healed. 

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Why choose Gold Coast Plastic Surgery for a neck lift?

If you are considering resolving the look of an aging neck or are tired of seeing excess under-chin fat when you look in the mirror, you may be a good candidate for a custom neck lift, performed by Dr. Moynihan, our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, credentialed by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS). Known for his ability to perform facial plastic surgeries with nuanced, personalized results, Dr. Moynihan is a recognized leader in his field.

For nearly two decades, Dr. Moynihan has been one of Chicago’s premier facial plastic surgeons, often leading complex facial reconstructive surgeries and correcting a wide array of cosmetic and medical concerns. He was trained at Villanova, Loyola, and the world-renowned Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery Center. Today, he serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Loyola University Medical Center and Rush University Medical Center. When under his care for a neck lift, you can expect artistry, professionalism, and expertise, and a result that cannot be distinguished as being the result of surgery.

Privacy, discretion, and natural results – you deserve it.

When your neck lift is performed at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery, you can expect the highest level of privacy and discretion. Your surgery will be performed in our private, AAAASF-certified surgical suite rather than in a busy, impersonal hospital or outpatient surgery center. 

What is the recovery time?

Every neck lift is customized, and the recovery time will reflect the extent of the corrections needed in your case.

Typically, for a lower rhytidectomy procedure, you can expect bruising and swelling, which fades in about two weeks. You may experience a numb sensation around the incision sites, which, as your recovery continues, will begin to itch. You can expect a full recovery to be achieved in about four to six weeks. You should plan on one to two weeks off from your work or regular schedule and you must avoid all strenuous activities until fully healed. 

If the surgery was a submentoplasty, which is a much less invasive neck lift, you can expect a few days of swelling and soreness, side effects that can be well-managed with prescription pain medication to keep you comfortable in the early stages of healing. You must avoid intense physical activities, including exercise for about three weeks. Most people feel ready to return to work or other activities in two weeks.

If you had surgery to correct vertical neck bands (platysmaplasty), swelling and bruising are to be expected for about one week. It is important that your skin and tissues fully heal before you resume vigorous physical activities or exercise, which may take four to six weeks. At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery, we will be monitoring your progress and will schedule you for several follow-up appointments.

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What can a neck lift do for my look?

As the skin and tissues of the neck are constantly in motion, it is one of the first areas to begin to show your age. A custom neck lift can treat the following aesthetic issues:

  • Sagging jawline and jowls
  • Excess under-chin fat
  • Sagging skin and folds 
  • “Turkey neck”(wrinkled, sagging skin from under the chin to neck)
  • Visible neck skin creases
  • Crepey neck
  • Vertical neckbands
  • Excess fat on the neck
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