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Vitamin C & Sunscreen: Dynamic Duo

May 20, 2015
Dr. George Moynihan

While sunscreen does its job to protect our largest organ on the outside, vitamin C goes all Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment on you! It gets in and helps to correct the damage we already have. And don’t think for a second that you don’t have any! Remember lathering up with baby oil before lying out to get sun-kissed? Or hopping into a tanning bed without a second thought? Even if you have been a champion at applying an SPF daily, we could all use some extra protection against other environmental factors, like pollution (yuck!), and vitamin C does just that! Adding this dynamic antioxidant to your daily skin care can help to diminish brown spots, creating a smoother skin tone. It can also boost collagen production, giving your appearance a healthy and vibrant turnaround. Who doesn’t want a healthy glow while protecting their skin from sun rays?

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