A growing number of Americans are seeking upper eyelid surgery so that they can achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Doctor George T. Moynihan is one of the premier upper eyelid surgeons in Chicago, with in depth experience performing delicate and highly complex surgeries of the face. For more information, please visit our upper eyelid surgery page.

In the United States, approximately 100,000 patients elect to have blepharoplasty – otherwise known as upper eyelid surgery – annually. The procedure corrects aesthetic issues with the eyes, but can also address skin laxity, which can affect the ability to see. If you would like correction for the following areas, upper eyelid surgery might be a good solution.

  • You would like a more youthful and fresh appearance.
  • You would like a reduction of eye creases and wrinkles.
  • You have eyelid tissue that inhibits your ability to see.

If upper eyelid surgery seems like an effective solution for your cosmetic goals, here are a few things to think about before you decide to have the procedure.

Make sure your expectations about your potential results are realistic.

Ideally, upper eyelid surgery can help you attain a more refreshed appearance, but if you want a dramatically different appearance, you might be in for a disappointment. There are generally two objectives that can be reasonably expected with upper eyelid surgery: a subtle lift of the eyelids, and improved field of vision if the drooping skin interfered with the patient’s line of sight before surgery. Upper eyelid surgery will not make the eyes bigger, will not change the eyes’ shape, nor will it place the eyes further or wider apart.

You are in good overall health.

Being in good enough health to undergo surgery is crucial to achieving good results and to have the fastest possible recovery. Make sure you disclose any medical issues you currently experience, as well as any medications you are currently taking, to your surgeon during your consultation. Smokers and those who are dependent upon alcohol or drugs are not good candidates for upper eyelid surgery.

Upper eyelid surgery can be supplemented with other cosmetic procedures.

Many patients achieve the best results when additional surgical and/or minimally invasive procedures are combined with upper eyelid surgery. Because upper eyelid surgery doesn’t address the brow area, it is often performed along with a brow lift for optimum aesthetic outcomes. Botox injections might also help diminish forehead creases, and other dynamic lines on the face, helping to reduce the appearance of aging significantly.

Gold Coast Plastic surgery specializes in both lower and upper eyelid surgery, in addition to minimally invasive procedures that address aging in the eye area. To schedule a consultation, please contact the Gold Coast Plastic Surgery team.

For questions about facial plastic surgery, please contact Dr. Moynihan.

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