If you’re unhappy with your nose, know that the best rhinoplasty in Chicago can change your life for the better. This isn’t hyperbole; many people can attest to the fact that a positive physical transformation has done wonders for their self-confidence and overall mental health. Whether you don’t like the shape of the nose you were born with or you suffered physical trauma that altered the appearance of your nose, a rhinoplasty can correct any issues you may have with your nose and give you a look you can be proud of.

With that said, there are several rarely discussed post-rhinoplasty realities that might surprise you. While none of them should be any cause for alarm, knowing them before undergoing the best rhinoplasty in Chicago can help prepare you the procedure and what comes after it.

1. You won’t like the results, at first

Because it’s an invasive procedure, expect the best rhinoplasty in Chicago to result in swelling, bruising, and other side effects at and around the surgical site. So once the doctor removes the cast from your nose, be prepared to be unhappy with how it looks.

What you have to keep in mind is that all this is temporary. It’s only once the side effects have subsided that your new and improved nose will reveal itself. Also, it’s important to understand that recovery is different for everyone. Some people will see the final results of their nose job within a few months. Others will have to wait a year. So be patient and give the wounds time to heal.

2. It doesn’t feel as bad as it looks

As mentioned previously, the side effects of the best rhinoplasty in Chicago will leave your nose looking awful during those first few days. Indeed, if you look online, you’ll find plenty of horrifying pictures of people who’ve just undergone surgery. You might even be convinced rhinoplasty will cause you extreme suffering.

What most people don’t know is that any pain experienced after the procedure is manageable. The pain medications your surgeon prescribes should also make your recovery as comfortable as possible. So don’t let those online photos scare you, because it really isn’t as bad as it looks.

3. It’ll take time to get used to your new face

Because your nose is front and center, rhinoplasty can alter the appearance and balance of your face. While the best rhinoplasty in Chicago aims for a natural look and therefore focuses on making subtle tweaks to your nose, those changes will look extremely noticeable to someone who’s used to their nose looking one way their entire life. This means you might end up seeing a stranger every time you look in the mirror. This, of course, will pass, and as the weeks go by, you’ll find yourself adjusting to and loving the new and improved you.

4. You’ll let go of unrealistic expectations

You may think a certain celebrity’s nose is perfect. What you’ll learn from the best rhinoplasty in Chicago, however, is that what’s perfect for one person is not necessarily perfect for you. We all have different facial bone structures, which strongly influences what kind of nose looks good on you. So don’t get too upset if you can’t have an exact replica of your favorite actor’s nose; trust, instead, that your surgeon will be able to determine the ideal nose for you.

Are you interested in getting the best rhinoplasty in Chicago? If so, kindly contact Gold Coast Plastic Surgery at (312) 736-7794 or click here to request for an appointment with Dr. George Moynihan. We’d also be happy to answer any questions about the procedure.

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