If you are seeking facial rejuvenation, you might be considering a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures. But identifying the best course of action can be challenging. Here is what you need to know about mini face lift, face lift, and browlift, surgeries, including what they are meant to correct and the best candidates for the procedures. Gold Coast Plastic Surgery specializes in surgical and minimally invasive facial treatments, helping diverse patients achieve beautiful, natural-appearing results with minimal downtime.

Patients seeking to reinvigorate a tired appearance have more effective treatment options than ever before. From traditional face lifts to non-invasive procedures like Botox, dermal fillers, and laser resurfacing treatments, you are empowered with the tools and resources to target specific areas and achieve the look you want at any age.

Face lifts are among the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States, with men and women electing to undergo them in nearly equal measure. However, there are several types of face lift treatments to choose from that address different parts of the face. Here is what you should know about different face lift procedures.


Many patients believe a full face lift will address their problem areas, but brow lift procedures are actually more appropriate.

How much does a brow lift cost in Chicago?

In general, a brow lift can cost approximately $3,500 (on average), but the price can vary from practitioner to practitioner. Several factors influence the cost of the procedure, including the expertise and the credentials of the surgeon, the location of the surgical center, and the extent of the surgical correction. If there are additional surgical or non-surgical procedures involved, then those will be factored into the total cost.

How is a brow lift performed?

A browlift lift specifically addresses the forehead and brow area, using imperceptible incisions at the hairline to lift and tighten the area. The surgeon repositions the muscles, adjusting them back to the position they were in prior to age-related sagging. This yields a more natural result than simply tightening the skin.

The brow lift targets the forehead and eyebrows (the procedure is often called a “forehead lift”). The forehead/eyebrow area is subject to what is called “dynamic wrinkles,” which are wrinkles that appear as a result of facial movements. As we age, our skin loses elasticity, so the lines that form when we raise our eyebrows or frown no longer simply disappear, and instead remain embedded. Additionally, the brow area becomes susceptible to gravity, leading to drooping and an overall tired appearance.

Mini face lift

A mini face lift – or “minilift” is a procedure that addresses only the mid-portion of the face, or lower third of the face. This procedure targets jowls and heavy cheeks, resulting in a refreshed, and more refined appearance. A mini face lift also targets heavy laugh lines and can reduce or even eliminate the appearance of wrinkles in the lower third of the facial area.

Mini face lifts are recommended for patients who don’t have issues with skin laxity, as mini face lifts do not remove significant amounts of excess skin.

How much does a mini face lift cost in Chicago?

The price of a mini face lift will vary depending upon the practitioner, the issues the patient needs to be addressed, and whether there are any supplementary procedures involved. In general, a mini face lift will cost between $4,000 and $8,000. Bear in mind that there will be additional charges for hospital services and anesthesia, as well as prescription pain-relieving medications.

How is a mini face lift performed?

A mini lift procedure involves creating an incision along each temple, extending behind the ear into the crease. The skin is dissected from the attached tissues, and the surgeon creates the tightening effect by repositioning the underlying muscles, not tightening the skin. The incisions are closed with sutures along the hairline where visibility is minimal.

Face lift

A full face lift concentrates on the lower portion of the face, like a mini face lift, but is generally recommended for patients with looser skin and deeper wrinkles. While a mini face lift might be an appropriate treatment for patients with mild or moderate wrinkles and creases, full face lifts are a more effective treatment addressing deep creases, wrinkles, and significant loose skin around the cheeks, jaw, and neck.

How much does a face lift cost in Chicago?

The cost of a face lift can range from $8,000 to $20,000. The experience of the surgeon, the location of the surgical facilities, and the supplementary procedures involved. Some patients elect to undergo laser resurfacing treatments to mitigate the appearance of their scars, which affect the cost.

How is a face lift procedure performed?

The procedure involves making hairline incisions extending behind the ears. The surgeon may perform mild liposuction to remove excess fat deposits, and repair and reposition the muscles, if necessary. Once the tissues are tightened, permanent sutures are applied in order to maintain the newly tightened tissues.

Selecting the Best Option for Your Goals

During your consultation, your surgeon will analyze your anatomy and discuss the surgical procedures that target the issues you wish to address. While some patients only require one procedure, others find that a combination of treatments is more effective in targeting their specific issues. Very often, non-surgical solutions are recommended, either instead of or as a supplement to surgical treatments.

To learn more about how you can achieve a more youthful and vibrant appearance, schedule a consultation at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery. You can also request a virtual consultation.

For questions about facial plastic surgery, please contact Dr. Moynihan.

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