People get a nose job for various reasons. Sometimes, it’s medically related and other times, it’s more aesthetic than medical. But whatever the reason, it goes without saying that you need to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon for the job. And for those asking who the best rhinoplasty surgeon is, the answer differs from patient to patient because each patient’s needs and goals are unique.

On that note, here are few questions to ask to help you find the best rhinoplasty surgeon that fits both your needs and goals:

1. How long have you been performing rhinoplasty on women (or men, if the patient is male)?

Why is the patient’s gender important in choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon? Because nasal and facial anatomy between men and women is different. Men’s bridges are generally wider, and the tip may be less elevated than that of a female’s nose. Facial features also differ, and when you get a nose job, your “new” nose has to perfectly complement the rest of your facial features.

While a facial plastic surgeon is trained in facial anatomy, the years they’ve so far spent correcting men’s or women’s noses will have enhanced their skill and elevated their level of expertise. So in general, you’d want someone who’s had years of successfully enhancing women’s (or men’s) nasal features.

2. How are you affiliated with the clinic?

There are clinics that offer certain services that aren’t performed by their in-house doctors or medical staff. While there’s nothing wrong with this set-up, a lot of patients feel more secure and comfortable when the doctor treating them is part of the in-house team; or better still, the founder or co-founder of the clinic. Why is this important? In a nutshell, you’d want the doctor to be accessible or easily reached for follow-up check-ups, post-procedure concerns, and such.

3. Do you have before and after photos I can see?

It may have already been established that the doctor you’re considering for the nose job is highly qualified, and that they are indeed an expert in the field but these two factors alone cannot guarantee that you will get the nose that you want; or the nose that will enhance (and not diminish) your facial features. Why? Because other than your needs and features are unique from their other patients, their aesthetic style and expertise may not be the right fit for you.

To know for sure whether or not they are a perfect fit for you, ask to see photos of their previous nose jobs. From these, you can determine whether their aesthetic style appeals to you and is exactly what you want, or if you should continue your search for the best rhinoplasty surgeon for your specific nose job.

4. Will you perform rhinoplasty on me?

Believe it or not, not every rhinoplasty surgeon can perform every type of nose job. Rhinoplasty is a complex and delicate procedure that requires special skills and utmost precision, and sometimes, a rhinoplasty surgeon will refuse to do a specific nose job because they are not confident they can effectively address your specific need. So after all the questions and discussions, the doctor tells the patient they can’t do it for some reason, they will usually refer a colleague who they feel is a better fit for the patient.

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