Undergoing a Chicago face lift can be a life-changing decision, and it isn’t hard to see why. By eliminating the most obvious signs of aging—from sagging skin to deep folds on various parts of the face—the highly sought-after surgery has given countless patients back their youth, enhancing both physical appearance and emotional health.

To ensure the best results, however, it pays to take several steps in preparation for the treatment. Here, then, are 9 things you should do prior to your Chicago face lift.

1. Consult your physician

Before your Chicago face lift, it’s imperative that you have a consultation with your surgeon. An experienced and certified doctor such as Dr. George Moynihan will assess whether or not you’re an ideal candidate for the procedure, provide pre-op instructions, and discuss with you all essential information about the treatment, including but not limited to its benefits and potential risks. Additionally, you’ll likely be required to see your primary care physician, whose job will be to determine if you can safely undergo surgery and receive anesthesia.

2. Protect your skin

Your doctor won’t perform surgery if you have sunburn. Therefore, it’s crucial you take excellent care of your skin weeks before your Chicago face lift. Apply sunscreen to your face every time you go out in the daytime, and avoid staying in the sunlight for too long. Eat nutritious foods that’ll protect your skin and repair tissue damage, such as watermelons, blueberries, seeds, nuts, leafy greens, and carrots.

3. Stop smoking

Smoking has long been observed to contribute to the premature aging of skin. Tobacco products also constrict the flow and blood, which can lead to issues during surgery and the post-surgery recovery period. For optimal results, quit smoking before your Chicago face lift, and never pick up the habit again.

4. Avoid certain drugs

Unless utterly necessary for your health, avoid taking herbal supplements and anti-inflammatories prior to your Chicago face lift. Such medications can result in an increased risk of bleeding during the procedure. Discuss all the medications you’re taking with your surgeon.

5. Stay away from alcohol

Because alcohol is a blood thinner, it can increase your risk of excessive bleeding during the procedure. As such, avoid alcohol consumption three to five days prior to your Chicago face lift.

6. Wash your face and hair

To decrease the risk of infection during surgery, make sure to thoroughly clean your face and hair the night or a few hours before the procedure.

7. Fast

Anesthesia and food don’t mesh well together. As such, don’t eat or drink anything the night before surgery. Your doctor will tell you how many hours you should fast.

8. Fill your prescribed pain medications

Before you undergo a Chicago face lift, make sure you’ve already purchased all the pain medications your surgeon previously prescribed. You should be resting after the procedure; having all the required medications readily available at home will prevent painful post-surgery trips to the pharmacy.

9. Seek aid from friends and/or family

Thanks to the general anesthesia you’ll be receiving for the treatment, you likely won’t be in any state to drive after your Chicago face lift. For this reason, it’s of utmost importance that someone else takes you home after the procedure, so arrange with someone you trust to help you in this regard. It’s also a good idea that someone stays at home to keep an eye on you during your first few days of recovery.

Are you considering undergoing a Chicago face lift? Please contact Gold Coast Plastic Surgery at (312) 736-7794 or click here to request for an appointment with Dr. George Moynihan.

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