Before going to the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago for a nose job, it’s to your greatest benefit to prepare yourself for the procedure and the challenges that await you after it. This will ensure optimal results and a smooth recovery.

In general, you should stay in good health prior to surgery. In this regard, expect the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago to lay down instructions on how to get yourself ready for the procedure.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a rhinoplasty:

1. Pick a soothing environment A week ahead of surgery, choose a place where you’ll feel comfortable to rest and recover. It can be your home or somewhere cozy, but let people know you need space while convalescing there. Buy all personal essentials, such as groceries and supplies, and have them placed conveniently accessible to you. Ready entertainment options like streaming services, books, or movies to keep yourself preoccupied while recovering.

2. Stock up on medical supplies. Fill your surgeon’s prescriptions for pain relief, antibiotics, and other medications. Gather over-the-counter supplements and supplies like tissues, cotton applicators, and cold compresses for reducing swelling. Cover all bases as best you can prior to the surgery so you won’t need to step out of your home to go to a pharmacy during your recovery period.

3. Eat healthy. The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago recommends preparing in advance small servings of foods that are easy to reheat and consume. Choose foods that don’t require much chewing. You can also refrigerate or freeze, but make sure it’s food that’s convenient to eat.

4. Arrange for transport and a caretaker. Secure confirmation a week in advance that your driver will be available to give you a ride to and from the clinic. You may likewise arrange for a caretaker to tend to your home (and your kids if you have any) for the first two days at least.

5. Arrange for company. The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago stresses the importance of having someone to keep you company during day one of recovery. Whether it’s a partner, a relative, or a friend, that person should be there to help you prepare food, administer medication, and provide any other sort of assistance a recovering patient usually needs.

6. Talk to people close to you. Let close relations know about the procedure in advance. If you have a partner and kids, they should be advised to be mindful of your recovery needs and avoid physically bumping against your face.

7. Get enough sleep. The week prior to surgery, sleep at least eight hours every night. Take daily naps when possible. It’ll do you well to go to surgery with a well-rested mind and body, says the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago.

8. Take vitamin C. This supplement promotes healing. The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago recommends a daily intake of vitamin C for a week before surgery.

9. Apply for a leave. If you’re employed, it’s essential you request a leave of around 10 days following surgery. Returning to your workplace is a non-issue once the cast and sutures from your nose are removed.

Should you need to devote time for urgent family matters, or your presence is necessary for some vital professional or social functions, try your utmost to address them before going for surgery. In any case, set your rhinoplasty schedule at a time most convenient to you and your surgeon.

Are you interested in getting a nose job? If so, kindly contact Gold Coast Plastic Surgery at (312) 736-7794 or click here to request for an appointment with the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago, Dr. George Moynihan.

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