There are many reasons to choose lip augmentation, but one of the most important is to balance the face. Thin, tight lips age the face and also cause imbalance around that area. Instead of full, kissable lips that add to the attractiveness of the face, thin lips give the impression of age and a disapproving attitude. Plumping lipsticks which promise fuller, more glamorous lips actually do little to enhance your appearance. A lip augmentation can be the answer.

Temporary Lip Augmentation

There are products in general use today which can give you that ‘luscious lip’ look by injection. One of these products is Restylane™ which is frequently used with great success. A simple, fifteen-minute procedure in the doctor’s office will leave you with fuller lips and a more youthful pout. This product will last from six to nine months. Another popular injectable used for temporary filling in the lip area is Juvederm™, which is also FDA approved. Either of these products in the hands of a skilled surgeon will make a tremendous difference as to how you see yourself and how others see you.

Permanent Lip Augmentation

After having seen what a temporary lip augmentation can do for you, the next step might be to look into the possibility of a more lasting procedure. For permanent lip plumping, FDA-approved liquid silicone is often the product of choice. What a relief it will be to be able to apply lipstick without having to try filling in the lipline, usually with messy results.

Fuller, More Youthful Lips

This is what every person wants, and it is not just women who are opting for this procedure. Men, too, want to look more youthful and less stern. The lip augmentation is the way to go. Recovery time is short and the procedure itself is done with very small needles. Your comfort during the process is of paramount importance.

Choosing the Best Facial Plastic Surgeon

When you choose to have someone do cosmetic work on your face, you need the best. Dr. George Moynihan of Gold Coast Plastic Surgery in Chicago, Illinois, is one of the finest plastic surgeons in the country. You will be safe and secure in his hands. For further information please call 1-312-988-9300.

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