A mini face lift in Chicago at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery is an effective way of correcting mild skin laxity on the lower part of the face, lifting sagging skin along the jawline and around the neck.

As we age, our skin loses its suppleness and elasticity, causing common signs of aging to appear. Wrinkles and fine lines are usually the first to appear, and as the years progress, skin laxity becomes evident. Dermal fillers can address issues caused by the loss of skin elasticity; filling out hollowed cheeks, for instance, to add volume thus improving sagging skin. But where dermal fillers no longer satisfy patients, a mini face lift is then considered.

Mini face lift in Chicago at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery

If you’ve been thinking about getting a mini face lift but are still quite unsure about whether or not to proceed with the treatment, Gold Coast Plastic Surgery shares some of their patients’ frequently asked questions in hopes of helping you with your decision-making process. Here are the Top 5:</p

1. Will a mini face lift make me look “stretched?”

First off, whether it’s a mini face lift or a full face lift, your face shouldn’t look stretched. The thing about a surgical lift is that people will notice you look younger but they can’t exactly pinpoint what it is you’ve had done or if you even had anything done at all. But whether or not your face will look stretched or taut will depend on the plastic surgeon who performed the procedure, which is why you should always do your research and take your time consulting several facial plastic surgeons before choosing one.

2. What’s the difference between a full face lift and a mini face lift?

In a nutshell, the main difference between a full face lift and a mini face lift is the actual skin laxity of the patient. Patients who undergo a mini face lift in Chicago at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery are those with mild skin laxity on the lower part of the face, usually around the neck and jawline, as mentioned above. This means the incisions are shorter, and there is also less scarring.

A full face lift addresses skin laxity on the mid and lower part of the face, which may include the full length of the neck. What this translates to is a longer incision, starting from the temple and going behind the ears.

Some patients with skin laxity that is ideal for a full face lift still opt to undergo a mini lift because they want a shorter recovery period or they want to see first how the face lift will transform their face.

3. How many years will the results last?

The best thing about cosmetic surgery is that it provides longer-lasting results compared to non-surgical treatments. For a mini face lift in Chicago, for instance, you can enjoy the results for up to 10 years sometimes longer, depending your body’s unique aging process.

4. Can I get fillers after a mini face lift?

Yes, you can but you may have to wait a few months before getting them. It’s best to consult your surgeon about dermal fillers as they are the best person to determine whether or not you are ready for fillers or if you should wait a little longer.

In general, patients who have had a mini lift still choose to get dermal fillers to enhance their results. A mini lift addresses skin laxity, and dermal fillers address loss of skin elasticity (adding volume to the cheeks and other target areas).

If you wish to learn more about a mini face lift in Chicago at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery, please feel free to give us a call at (312) 736-7793. To schedule an online consultation with Dr. George T. Moynihan, please fill out the form here.

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