Men and women dealing with advanced skin laxity on the mid and lower part of the face are the ideal candidate for a traditional face lift in Chicago, patients trust Gold Coast Plastic Surgery for all their cosmetic needs and procedures, including contour face lift, full face lift, or rhytidectomy.

Surgical vs. non-invasive face lift

Thanks to advancements in the field of cosmetics, patients now have more options for addressing skin concerns commonly associated with aging or aged skin. Patients are reminded, however, that results from an invasive procedure like a contour facelift in Chicago, for instance, are longer-lasting compared to those from non-surgical or non-invasive treatments.

If you wish to lift or tighten skin on your face and get to enjoy results for ten years or more, the best treatment for you is a surgical facelift. With a non-invasive charge, results may last anywhere from six months to one year, sometimes two years, depending on the procedure and how your body responds to it, as well as your body’s natural aging process.

Cost of a face lift in Chicago

The average cost can change as several factors must be included in the actual cost computation. These cost indicators include the surgeon’s professional fee, operating room and recovery room fees, anesthesiologist’s fee, and reputation of the clinic. These factors could translate to either a higher or lower facelift cost. You can discuss costs and prices with your surgeon and the facility during the consultation.

Ask the clinic about their medical financing program if you need assistance paying for the procedure.

What can a face lift correct?

As mentioned above, a full-face lift tightens the skin and muscles on the middle and lower parts of the face. This is ideal for patients with advanced skin laxity. A mini facelift might be better for those with mild to moderate skin laxity. Your surgeon will determine which is best for you based on your skin condition/issue and your treatment goals.

A facelift is designed only for sagging or loose skin on the lower part of the face. It is not intended for forehead creases, sagging skin around the eyebrows, or loose skin on the upper and lower eyelids. For these skin concerns, there are specific surgical procedures to correct these as well.

Ask your surgeon about brow lift and blepharoplasty or eyelid lift during consultation.


The day after your surgery and subsequent days after, you may notice bruising and swelling on your face. This is an average side effect of the procedure. The bruising generally resolves after a few days, but you may notice that there’s still swelling even after the bruising is gone. Usually, swelling from rhytidectomy takes about six months to resolve completely.

Recovery may take up to three weeks to one month. It all depends on how quickly your body heals and your post-procedure care.

Contact Gold Coast Plastic Surgery for a contour face lift in Chicago consultation

Schedule an appointment with Dr. George T. Moynihan through (312) 736-7782 to learn how a facelift can take years off your face. For your safety and comfort, you may also schedule a virtual consultation here.

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