Top rhinoplasty surgeons know, and admit without hesitation, that rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated and delicate procedures there is in the world of plastic surgery. That said, patients are reminded to take their time choosing the right surgeon for the job. Make sure that when you search for the “best rhinoplasty surgeon near me”, that you are looking at licensed rhinoplasty surgeons with years of experience, and a high success rate, in their field.

A successful rhinoplasty doesn’t only depend on finding the “best rhinoplasty surgeon near me.” It also depends on proper healing and recovery.

Since rhinoplasty is a delicate procedure, it goes without saying that recovery requires the patient’s utmost cooperation as well. Remember that the success of any surgical procedure, medical or cosmetic, also depends on the patient’s post-op behavior; in particular, how strictly they follow their doctor’s orders regarding post-op care, among other things.

On that note, here are a few reminders your surgeon might tell you before your operation, and after, before leaving the clinic:

1. Take care not to aggravate or further cause post-surgery swelling

After your surgery, you will experience swelling in the nose area, which is normal. It should subside after a few days. With that said, you should avoid certain things to ensure you don’t cause further swelling. One of the things to remember is to avoid taking any type of anti-inflammatory medicine as this could actually further aggravate the swelling.

In general, avoid any medication (including medicines for pain relief) unless it was prescribed by, or had prior approved from, your surgeon. Any form of medication you want to take after your surgery should first be cleared by your surgeon to ensure there will no adverse effects on your healing and recovery.

On the other hand, using an ice pack or cooling pad on the surgical site could help reduce swelling faster.

2. Give your body time to heal and recover

Before you undergo the procedure, make sure to schedule time off from work. Taking seven days off from work is what the “best rhinoplasty surgeon near me” would usually recommend, so be sure to make all the necessary arrangements at work. Seven days is usually the time it takes for rhinoplasty patients to heal and be physically ready to resume a few of their normal activities, including returning to work.

During the healing and recovery process, patients are likewise reminded to take things easy. Do not over-exert yourself in doing household chores or exercising. Whatever activity you wish to do while you rest and recover at home should have prior approval from your surgeon.

3. Return to the clinic as scheduled by your surgeon

After your surgery, an external splint will be attached to the nose to hold it in place and protect it. About five days post-surgery, you will be asked to return to the clinic so the surgeon can remove the external splint as well as the stitches. Make sure to return on the appointed date and time to prevent complications.

4. Refrain from using your eyeglasses and/or shades

If you rely on eyeglasses for your day-to-day activities, it is advised that you switch to contact lenses for the time being; only until you have recovered from your surgery. Putting on eyeglasses or shades could damage your nose, which is still healing and delicate.

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