Your nose isn’t the only thing that will change following rhinoplasty. In the first few weeks after the procedure, you’ll most likely need to make some changes to your lifestyle as your nose heals. Taking the recovery process seriously is important, as you want to avoid knocking or bumping the nose or doing anything that can affect the nose.

While you might feel too groggy or out of it to do much more than rest the first day or two after the surgery, you’ll have another week or so before you can get back to even the lightest of activities, such as working at your office job. There are a few ideas to help you fill the downtime after your surgery and to help you actually make the most of recovery.

"Read" an Audio Book

As you recover from rhinoplasty, you’ll want to avoid putting any pressure on your nose. That includes the weight of eyeglasses on the bridge of your nose. If you usually need a pair of glasses to read, it might be better to "read" by listening to an audiobook instead.

You can download books on your Kindle or iPod, meaning they’ll arrive almost instantly. Plenty of libraries let you borrow audiobooks for a set amount of time. You can download the books from the library’s website without having to leave your home.

Pick something light to listen to during your recovery, so that it won’t matter if you doze off during it. You can choose the latest hit trilogy or a comedy book by a famous actor or writer. Books written by celebrities are also often read by celebrities, which gives you a chance to hear their stories in their own voices, which can be an added treat.

Play a Few Games

Your recovery time can be a great opportunity to bond with your family members by playing board games or card games. Some games can be all-day events, such as Monopoly or Risk, while others are designed to take just an hour or so.

If your family’s not big on board games, the week or so after your nose surgery can be a great time to catch up on the latest video games. Just be sure to pick games that a relatively sedentary, such as Super Mario or trivia games, rather than the latest dance or sports game that has you get up and actually act out the movements.

Catch Up on the Latest TV Shows

If you’ve had to walk by your co-workers in the break room with your hands in your ears for the past few months because you missed the last season of the show of the moment, your rhinoplasty recovery period is the perfect chance to catch-up.

Episodes of the show might still be available on demand from your cable provider, or you can might be able to find them on a streaming service such as Hulu or Netflix. You can’t find instantly available episodes, you can hunt them down on DVD before your surgery so that everything is ready to go once you get home.

Take a Walk

While your surgeon will recommend staying away from the gym or engaging in strenuous exercise in the first four weeks after surgery, you are usually encouraged to take up light activity, such as going for a walk, the day after the surgery. Your surgeon will let you know when exactly you can start walking again.

Walking after rhinoplasty is great for a few reasons. It helps you avoid boredom, for one thing. It can also help keep you regular and can help reduce muscle soreness or weakness, which can result if you sit still for too long. Walking also gets your blood flowing, which helps reduce swelling. During the walk, take it easy so that your heart rate doesn’t go up too much.

Spend Some Time on Social Media

Another great way to spend your time as you recover from surgery is on social media. Start a Pinterest account and use it to start planning your adventures once you ’re back on your feet again. Pinterest is also great for finding new recipes to try or for fun ideas for your home.

Most importantly, follow your surgeon’s advice to the letter during your recovery. Everyone is a bit different, so the rate at which your nose heals will be a bit different than the rate at which someone else’s nose heals. If you have any questions during your recovery, your surgeon will be happy to answer them.

If you’re considering rhinoplasty in the Chicago area, Dr. George Moynihan is available to answer any questions you have about the surgery and what to do during recovery. Call (312) 988-9300 to schedule an appointment today.

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