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He is a perfectionist

Dr. Moynihan is as Good As It Gets if you are looking to tweak anything from the neck up!. After years of consideration I finally decided to go ahead with a rhinoplasty (11/09), and having Dr. M do the procedure was a no-brainer. I feel lucky to have the inside scoop on numerous plastic surgeons in the Chicago area, as I have been providing anesthesia here for the past 8 years. If you are considering having surgery of ANY kind, I cannot express how important it is to do your research! I trained at Rush, worked at Northwestern, and now I work at various surgi-centers, so needless to say, I have personally observed the results of countless procedures.The following observations lead me to choose Dr. Moynihan; He is a perfectionist, he does his own work- START to FINISH, he is focused in the OR, and Ethical! There are plenty of cheesy M.D.’s that will do anything asked of them, even if it is not in the patient’s best interest. If you want to pick a nose (ha ha) out of IN TOUCH magazine or get monster lips that are esthetically or surgically inappropriate for your face, Dr. M may not be your guy. You can expect full disclosure up front about your results, provided you are listening and not dreaming. Bottom line, I made the right choice and never doubted it a second. I love my nose, I am still me only better! Dr. Moynihan will not just put the same nose on every face, he does not have a “signature” nose. Seriously, I can see a girl around the city and know which Doc did her nose job in many cases! It is also significant that he is specialized, so he is not doing boobs AND butts AND faces, JUST FACES….and very well!

If it sounds like I am gushing I am! I can’t say enough. I have seen him do some incredible scar revisions! The bonus is that he is professional, and has great bedside manner. I would have gone to Dr. JERK if he had the best skills, but happily that was not the case. I think I actually offended some other plastic surgeons that I am buddy-buddy with, but at the end of the day, too bad, it’s MY FACE! Good Luck!

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