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July 2, 2009
Dr. George Moynihan

All of us at GCPS are excited to be settled into our new office at 1 East Erie. If you have not been in to see the new place and the great views of the Gold Coast, stop in and say hello! With a new location, there of course are new additions! I am happy to announce that GCPS is now using the latest FDA approved laser resurfacing, Fraxel. I am impressed with the results I have seen in my patients and the effectiveness of Fraxel in resurfacing many different skin types. An added bonus, that is pleasing patients, is the short amount of time the in-office procedure takes. GCPS has also begun carrying Latisse, the only FDA approved treatment to grow longer, thicker, and darker lashes. Patients are receiving astounding results. Give the office a call for more information, or check out the new sections of the website, where we will continually post new additions to GCPS along with the home skincare and makeup lines we carry and highly recommend. If you are not on the GCPS e-mail list, click here Contact Us and check “e-mail me” to be notified of upcoming specials and new products.

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