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“You will want to be in the capable hands of Dr. George Moynihan“

To assure the best care and feel totally confident in the results, you will want to be in the capable hands of Dr. George Moynihan at Gold Coast Plastic surgery.

I was totally at ease from the first visit and most impressed that the doctor listened closely to my concerns and preferences. Each of my many questions were welcomed and thoroughly answered with aspects of the surgical process diagramed so that I could make an informed decision. With the doctor’s full attention my case was addressed uniquely rather than a “one size fits all” response to what was planned.

Dr. Moynihan is most personable with conversation that is easy and focus that was always in my best interest. None of my visits were ever rushed…a miracle when it comes to many doctors, and everything involved in all phases of the surgical and follow up processes was explained in detail.

The care and attention at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery is amazing. I found that the doctor was easily accessible if necessary to contact him with any question or concern about my care…another incredible practice.

My surgical results have been phenomenal. I am so pleased that I made the decision to proceed with Dr. Moynihan for my mini lift. My face has been “refreshed”. It looks natural and more youthful, which is the hallmark of Dr. Moynihan’s immeasurable skills and talents. No pulled, windblown face here! I’ve received many compliments, yet no one is aware any work has been done. Exactly the result I had envisioned.

Dr. Moynihan is a master at his profession, dedicated to his work, committed to his patients well being, and is complimented with staff that is friendly and helpful every step of the way.

Thank you Gold Coast Plastic Surgery!

“My sincere thanks to you all comes from the depth of my heart“

Dear Dr. Moynihan, Mary, Katie, and Nicole

Not only can I not find a card that expresses my feelings of gratitude and appreciation for you all, but I myself cannot find the words to thank you enough.

Your kindness and patience with my list of questions time and time again and your support and continued kindness as I scheduled, cancelled, and rescheduled the procedure, are/were SO very much appreciated!

My sincere thanks to you all comes from the depth of my heart. I’m not just being polite. Dr. Moynihan, your superb knowledge, skills, and abilities were never in question due to the reference to me by Dr. Pale. But your warmth, friendliness, tolerance (of my lists of questions as well as multiple schedule changes and doing the surgery on a Monday at COH preventing me from a trip to Chicago the following day) are admirable and outstanding; I can’t believe how fortunate, even blessed, I am!

I’ll be seeing Dr. Van Roekel in 6 months. I look forward to having her see your excellent work and hearing my words about the extraordinary GCPS team (please know, having been a health care manager for 20 years, this is an objective fact, not a subjective feeling).

Thank you all for taking your time to read this note of thanks. Just know you’re not rid of me.

Blessings & Best Wishes,

“He is a perfectionist“

Dr. Moynihan is as Good As It Gets if you are looking to tweak anything from the neck up!. After years of consideration I finally decided to go ahead with a rhinoplasty (11/09), and having Dr. M do the procedure was a no-brainer. I feel lucky to have the inside scoop on numerous plastic surgeons in the Chicago area, as I have been providing anesthesia here for the past 8 years. If you are considering having surgery of ANY kind, I cannot express how important it is to do your research! I trained at Rush, worked at Northwestern, and now I work at various surgi-centers, so needless to say, I have personally observed the results of countless procedures.The following observations lead me to choose Dr. Moynihan; He is a perfectionist, he does his own work- START to FINISH, he is focused in the OR, and Ethical! There are plenty of cheesy M.D.’s that will do anything asked of them, even if it is not in the patient’s best interest. If you want to pick a nose (ha ha) out of IN TOUCH magazine or get monster lips that are esthetically or surgically inappropriate for your face, Dr. M may not be your guy. You can expect full disclosure up front about your results, provided you are listening and not dreaming. Bottom line, I made the right choice and never doubted it a second. I love my nose, I am still me only better! Dr. Moynihan will not just put the same nose on every face, he does not have a “signature” nose. Seriously, I can see a girl around the city and know which Doc did her nose job in many cases! It is also significant that he is specialized, so he is not doing boobs AND butts AND faces, JUST FACES….and very well!

If it sounds like I am gushing I am! I can’t say enough. I have seen him do some incredible scar revisions! The bonus is that he is professional, and has great bedside manner. I would have gone to Dr. JERK if he had the best skills, but happily that was not the case. I think I actually offended some other plastic surgeons that I am buddy-buddy with, but at the end of the day, too bad, it’s MY FACE! Good Luck!

“I am ecstatic with the results“

I had major work done on my nose recently and I could not be happier with the results. I was in a bad car accident with major facial reconstruction, and went through numerous surgeries to get back to normal. These include three other nose surgeries without positive end results. I was only satisfied b/c I looked normal and could breathe until about 9 months ago. I went to Dr. Moynihan from a referral of physician friend of mine, and I can finally say I am ecstatic with the results. It was quite a challenge going into this, as Dr. Moynihan knew, because we were unsure of what my nose was going to look like on the inside due to the trauma and past surgeries. I also had cosmetic issues that he said he would address. Post-surgery I felt like someone put oxygen on me and my insecurities of the appearance were finally gone! I now can say that no one would ever know that I was in a car accident!! He really changed things for me, and on top of the excellent work he is a genuinely nice person with great bedside manner. I called a couple times after the surgery with questions and he was very diligent to making sure my questions were answered and I received what I needed. I would make him my GP if I could!!!! I have had 14 surgeries with many different surgeons and I wish I could take many of those back and felt this good many years ago.

Thanks again!!

“Great experience“

I am greatly pleased with my entire experience as a patient of Dr. George Moynihan, M.D. I was apprehensive about having rhinoplasty surgery for many years. After discussing my situation with my nephew last spring, he highly recommended I set up an appointment with Dr. George Moynihan, M.D. So I did. In our initial consultation, Dr. Moynihan discussed in detail what would take place in surgery and what to expect post surgery. He really takes good care of his patients and follows up with them on their progress. He and his entire staff made my experience the best that it could possibly be. His team is very friendly, efficient, and professional. The results of my surgery are exactly what I had hoped they would be and I am very pleased. I highly recommend Dr. Moynihan. He made it a great experience and put my fears at ease.

“Very professional“

I was first impressed with Dr. Moynihan’s educational background and his vast experience in the field of head and neck surgery and facial plastic surgery.

During my initial consultation, Dr. Moynihan was very professional and very clear as he explained the problems with my particular case and how he planned to help me. I had surgery on my nose in July 2009 to correct a botched job that had done many years ago. The surgery went very smoothly and I experienced no pain or complications following the procedure. It has been seven months since my surgery and I am very pleased with the result. Dr. Moynihan’s staff is efficient and very friendly. I was put at ease from my first consultation visit. The arrangements for the surgery and follow-up visits were handled with great care as were the financial arrangements. I highly recommend Dr. Moynihan as he was recommended to me. I believe my care and the results of my surgery have been well worth the travel time to Chicago, IL, from my home in Ohio.

“I would recommend him“

I traveled from Houston to Chicago because of Dr. Moynihan’s expertise. All you have to do is look at his before and after pictures to see that he is skilled, talented and a very capable doctor. His bed side manner is excellent — he makes you feel very comfortable, relaxed and confident in your decisions. He is honest and trustworthy. I would recommend him to anyone considering any kind of plastic surgery — his results are amazing.

“He is an expert“

I have been to Dr. Moynihan on 4 different occasions for injectables and he is so wonderful. I adore this guy. He is a handsome family man, and puts you at ease immediately. He is the guy next door and a wonderful Dr. I am planning to go to him for some surgery later this summer, and I cannot wait, because I know Dr. Moynihan is a serious professional who takes great care with his patients, and is always striving for perfection. Bonus: He insists on ONLY performing his specialty – facial surgery. At that he is an expert, and I respect the fact that he does not try to be the Dr. that does it all!! That makes me feel so confident when I chose a Dr. Dr. George Moynihan is the tops in Chicago. He definitely deserves 5 stars. Every person I have referred to him was also just as pleased.

“Your one and only“

Dear Mary and Dr. Moynihan, I appreciate and am very grateful for everything you both have done for me. You are very special people and under the circumstances, I’ve been blessed to have both of you on my side. Have a safe, happy and prosperous New Year. See you in February! Love you both. “Your one and only” (just kidding)

“Thank you for all your hard work“

Dear Mary, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work throughout these past two months. I appreciate all the leg work and phone calls exchanged. Without you, this would not have been possible.

Kind Regards,

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