When people look at a photo of you, what stands out the most? If your nose — which is naturally your face’s most prominent feature — is stealing the spotlight from your smile and your eyes for all of the wrong reasons, then it may be time to do something about it. After all, your nose should complement your other facial features, not stick out like a sore thumb. Rhinoplasty is an effective solution for patients who would like to transform how their noses look. However, it does more than that: It can also enhance your health and overall well-being, according to Dr. George Moynihan, a leading rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago.

Stuffy Nose Solution

Research shows that millions of people in the United States experience chronic nasal stuffiness. Unfortunately, conventional treatments may not always work for stuffy noses because the culprit may be a nasal deformity, virus, or allergy, for example. For instance, a septum that is crooked may keep your airways from functioning properly. Likewise, your nasal passage tissues may be overgrown. Fortunately, nasal surgery — or rhinoplasty — can be used to correct a chronically stuffy nose by correcting your structural deformities or expanding your nasal passages to make breathing far easier.

Old-Age Breathing Solution

Did you know that aging can cause blockages in your nasal passages? As you grow older, some of your bones and body tissues weaken and begin to droop under gravity’s influence. Therefore, your nasal passages can easily collapse inward and obstruct the flow of air. This is why some elderly individuals use nasal strips to help them with their breathing, whereas others resort to breathing through their mouths.

With rhinoplasty, you can finally bid adieu to those annoying nose strips and to the dry mouth you have become accustomed to due to excessive mouth breathing. Your surgeon can trim your sagging tissues in your nasal passages or reposition your cartilage and bone structure to unblock your airways so that you can breathe easier, so to speak.

Low-Energy Solution

The quality of your breathing is so essential because the intake of air via your nose impacts your body’s oxygen circulation. A nasal passage obstruction will reduce your air intake rate, thus lowering your bloodstream’s oxygen amount. This is a serious problem, as it can result in respiratory failure and, in turn, death. In addition, if your nasal passages are blocked, this can cause your carbon dioxide levels to increase, thus poisoning you from the inside. Furthermore, low oxygen levels can lead to hypoxemia, or shortness of breath. Rhinoplasty can help you to overcome all of these issues and give you more energy as a result, thus improving the quality of your life long term.

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