Did you know that every time you step outside without sunscreen, you are inevitably causing your skin to age faster? Prolonged sun exposure dries up the skin, causing lines and wrinkles to appear. Sunspots or age spots are also common effects of prolonged sun exposure. Treatments like microneedling in Chicago at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery can improve these skin issues without surgery.

What Does Microneeding in Chicago Do?

Patients for microneedling in Chicago at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery will be seen by Dr. George T. Moynihan or one of his skilled and licensed providers. Click here to learn more about his experience, background, and credentials.

In a nutshell, microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that involves using a special device (our providers use the SkinPen Precision device, the only FDA-approved microneedling device in the country) to prick the skin. This skin-pricking process results in tiny injuries that prompt the body to produce collagen to heal and repair the injuries. In the weeks following your treatment, new skin will begin to grow over the treated area(s). This new skin is practically blemish free, and is healthier and younger-looking compared to your “old” skin.

Microneedling in Chicago: The Process

To better understand, “What Does Microneeding in Chicago Do?” it’s best to learn a bit about the treatment process.

The microneedling process is actually quite simple. The provider will cleanse your face or other target area(s) before applying a topical numbing cream to help with the discomfort. After the numbing cream has taken effect, the provider will then proceed to press the device on your skin. Depending on the size of the target area(s), the procedure can be completed in 45 minutes or less.

As you can see, the treatment is quick and simple; and it requires no extensive post-treatment care as well.

On that note, your provider will provide you with specific instructions regarding skin care after treatment. Your post-treatment skin care will depend on your skin condition, skin type, and also medical history (if applicable), which means no two aftercare instructions are alike.

What Does Microneeding in Chicago Do? – Skin Issues

If you’re concerned about wrinkles, fine lines, and facial creases; dark spots or age spots, large pores, acne scars, and other facial scars, you’d be glad to know that microneedling can dramatically improve these skin imperfections.

Stretch marks, skin laxity, and uneven skin tone are likewise common skin issues that a microneedling treatment can improve. During consultation with one of our licensed providers, they will discuss with you exactly how microneedling in Chicago at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery can give you rejuvenated skin.

Consult Dr. George T. Moynihan

If you’re bothered by the skin concerns mentioned above or other skin issues you may have, we strongly advise that you schedule an appointment with Dr. George T. Moynihan. You may call Gold Coast Plastic Surgery at (312) 736-7782 to schedule consultation and evaluation of your specific skin issues. For your convenience, you may also schedule a virtual consultation here. Don’t delay; schedule an appointment today. We’d be glad to hear from you.

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