Your nose is your most prominent facial feature. If the nose shape is unusual or out of proportion with your other features, it can be a distraction, with an impact on your confidence and self-esteem. 

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George Moynihan, MD Leading Chicago facial plastic surgeon

Dr. George Moynihan is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who brings exceptional surgical skills, meticulous techniques, and artistry to every procedure. His long and illustrious career, remarkably natural surgical outcomes, warmth of character, and personalized care are the foundations of his reputation as the leading Chicago facial plastic surgeon. For a facial surgery that transforms your look, while appearing natural, refreshed, and elegant, you can trust in the elevated level of care and artistry he brings to every procedure.

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What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, also known as nasal surgery or a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to alter the external appearance of the nose. Changes may include a reduction or increase in the overall size, the removal of a hump, alterations of a bulbous nasal tip, or repair of poorly shaped nostrils. Functional problems such as chronic congestion can also be corrected with rhinoplasty surgery for healthier breathing and better sleep.

    The Rhinoplasty Procedure at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery

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    Benefits of nose reshaping surgery

    • Increased self-confidence is one of the biggest benefits of rhinoplasty surgery in Chicago. Research shows that it is natural for humans to look at other people’s eyes first, followed by their noses. This may come as no surprise considering that the nose is your face’s most prominent feature. It will readily attract attention — the kind you want or the kind you wish didn’t happen.
    • A septoplasty can help improve breathing by straightening the bone and cartilage that separates the nostrils. For those who struggle to breathe through the nose, a septoplasty can be performed along with rhinoplasty to restore breathing function.
    • Top rhinoplasty surgeons understand that symmetrical and straight noses can quickly add to overall facial appeal, while an uneven or oddly shaped nose draws attention away from your other attractive features.
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    Great experience

    I am greatly pleased with my entire experience as a patient of Dr. George Moynihan, M.D. I was apprehensive about having rhinoplasty surgery for many years. After discussing my sit...

    He is a perfectionist

    Dr. Moynihan is as Good As It Gets if you are looking to tweak anything from the neck up!. After years of consideration I finally decided to go ahead with a rhinoplasty (11/09),...

    I am ecstatic with the results

    I had major work done on my nose recently and I could not be happier with the results. I was in a bad car accident with major facial reconstruction, and went through numerous su...

    You will want to be in the capable hands of Dr. George Moynihan

    To assure the best care and feel totally confident in the results, you will want to be in the capable hands of Dr. George Moynihan at Gold Coast Plastic surgery.

    I was t...

    My sincere thanks to you all comes from the depth of my heart

    Dear Dr. Moynihan, Mary, Katie, and Nicole

    Not only can I not find a card that expresses my feelings of gratitude and appreciation for you all, but I myself cannot find ...

    Very professional

    I was first impressed with Dr. Moynihan’s educational background and his vast experience in the field of head and neck surgery and facial plastic surgery.

    During my init...

    I would recommend him

    I traveled from Houston to Chicago because of Dr. Moynihan’s expertise. All you have to do is look at his before and after pictures to see that he is skilled, talented and a very c...

    He is an expert

    I have been to Dr. Moynihan on 4 different occasions for injectables and he is so wonderful. I adore this guy. He is a handsome family man, and puts you at ease immediately. He is ...

    Your one and only

    Dear Mary and Dr. Moynihan, I appreciate and am very grateful for everything you both have done for me. You are very special people and under the circumstances, I’ve been blessed t...

    Thank you for all your hard work

    Dear Mary, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work throughout these past two months. I appreciate all the leg work and phone calls exchanged. Without you, this would not have ...

    I am very happy with the work

    Dear George, Just a quick not to say thanks for your work on the repair on my nose after the Mohs surgery. I am very happy with the work and appreciate your kind demeanor as well a...

    The end result was successful

    Dr. Moynihan listened carefully to what I wanted to accomplish, yet gave insightful realistic feedback. I felt completely confident that he was going to do the best he could with m...

    Highly recommended

    As parents, my wife and I were concerned about classmates talking about our daughter’s ears. They stuck out and if her hair was pulled back people would comment.

    Dr. Moy...

    Thank you so much!

    Dr. Moynihan, both my son and I are thrilled with the results. The bump and wideness are gone. His nose is now straight and most importantly he can breathe through his nose again. ...

    My nose is looking really good now

    Dr. Moynihan, My nose is looking really good now. I really appreciate how patient and kind you were the first week after the surgery when I was not feeling so well. I am glad I cho...

    Talented surgeon

    Dr. Moynihan, I am writing to say thank you for taking such great care of our patients. Your bilobe flaps are beautiful. You really are a talented surgeon. Thank you for all of you...

    Thank You

    Dr. Moynihan, Thank you for turning my first experience with injections into a positive one. You were very patient with and generous with your time and energy. Thank You.


    After researching and meeting many Plastic Surgeons I found Dr. Moynihan to be the best without a doubt. Not only is he very skilled and personable but he goes the extra mile befor...

    I can’t say thanks enough

    In June 2004, I turned 50 and treated myself to a wonderful birthday present. That month, I received a priceless gift thanks to the wonderful skills of Dr. Moynihan. To say that I ...

    I am delighted with the results

    I am delighted with the results of my surgery. Dr. Moynihan took as much time as I needed to discuss concerns before surgery and was incredibly supportive and available throughout ...

    I love the way I look!

    Dear Dr. Moynihan, The other day I saw my reflection in the stainless steel of an elevator and I actually said, ” I love the way I look!” That is the biggest compliment I can think...

    What our clients say about rhinoplasty

      • One of the most rewarding aspects of rhinoplasty is listening to what our clients have to say, which typically is along the lines of:
      • Healing was faster than expected
      • Was surprisingly not painful 
      • The early stages of recovery involve mouth breathing, which was challenging
      • I am happy already at week one 
      • Long term, I am so happy, and I can’t believe that no one has said anything.
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