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My sincere thanks to you all comes from the depth of my heart

Dear Dr. Moynihan, Mary, Katie, and Nicole

Not only can I not find a card that expresses my feelings of gratitude and appreciation for you all, but I myself cannot find the words to thank you enough.

Your kindness and patience with my list of questions time and time again and your support and continued kindness as I scheduled, cancelled, and rescheduled the procedure, are/were SO very much appreciated!

My sincere thanks to you all comes from the depth of my heart. I’m not just being polite. Dr. Moynihan, your superb knowledge, skills, and abilities were never in question due to the reference to me by Dr. Pale. But your warmth, friendliness, tolerance (of my lists of questions as well as multiple schedule changes and doing the surgery on a Monday at COH preventing me from a trip to Chicago the following day) are admirable and outstanding; I can’t believe how fortunate, even blessed, I am!

I’ll be seeing Dr. Van Roekel in 6 months. I look forward to having her see your excellent work and hearing my words about the extraordinary GCPS team (please know, having been a health care manager for 20 years, this is an objective fact, not a subjective feeling).

Thank you all for taking your time to read this note of thanks. Just know you’re not rid of me.

Blessings & Best Wishes,

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