Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Chicago on Key Things to Know About the Procedure

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 300,000 patients underwent a rhinoplasty surgery, particularly nose reshaping, in 2020. Although the average number of patients declined compared to 2019, it maintained its position as the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the country, shares rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago Dr. George T. Moynihan, MD.

What is

Rhinoplasty (“nose job”) is an invasive procedure designed to resize and/or reshape the nose.

Some of the most common cosmetic concerns of the nose are:

  • Bump on nasal bridge (dorsal hump)
  • Bulbous nasal tip
  • Drooping or downward-turning nasal tip
  • Wide and/or flared nostrils
  • Excessive projection, length, or width overall
  • Disfigurement from past physical trauma
A septoplasty may be performed along with the rhinoplasty to correct breathing obstruction caused by a deviated septum. The combination of cosmetic and medical needs require the skill of a specialist such as Dr. Moynihan, a licensed and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago.


The cost of a rhinoplasty is determined by several factors and it is important to understand what is included in a quote. Typically, expenses include an anesthesia fee, an operating room fee, or both. Some rhinoplasty surgeons charge for certain materials if they are used during the procedure and there may be fees to attend follow up appointments. Prescriptions may be included in the quoted fees or they may be submitted to your local pharmacy for you to pick up at your own expense. These fees tend to be consistent from practice to practice for the most part, but the total cost of your rhinoplasty will also depend on the actual surgeon’s fee. The surgeon’s fee for rhinoplasty ranges significantly and depends on the specific credentials of the rhinoplasty surgeon.

Dr. George Moynihan’s patients typically spend a true total of $11,500-$13,000 for all expenses involved with their primary rhinoplasty. A more specific quote may be provided prior to the consultation when photos are submitted and a final, all-inclusive quote is provided during the consultation.

Post-treatment Care

The rhinoplasty procedure is considered to be an out-patient procedure, meaning the patient may arrive on the morning of surgery and travel home on the same day. A responsible adult must drive the patient or ride along in a taxi/rideshare. The patient leaves the surgery with a hard outer cast over the bridge of the nose and there may be sutures visible in the nostril area. Most of the discomfort is experienced during the first three days, with some pressure and congestion lasting for a full week. The cast and sutures are removed after one week and most activities may resume after ten days. More specific post-care instructions are provided on a case-by-case basis depending on the particular needs of the patient.

Consult a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Patients in Chicago may visit licensed and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago Dr. George T. Moynihan. He is a double board-certified surgeon by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American Board of Otolaryngology. He is the founder of premier cosmetic clinic Gold Coast Plastic Surgery in Chicago, specializing in both surgical and non-surgical treatments. A consultation may be requested by calling (312) 736-7795.

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