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Published on April 25, 2007 by

Question: My nose is a family identifying trait and I wanted to know if it is possible when performing a rhinoplasty to narrow the width of the nose without making the nose smaller in size and getting rid of the hump on my nose?

This is an excellent question and the short answer to the question is Yes. Today it is not uncommon for people to want to keep many of the features of their nose while changing others. For instance, a person may want to keep the slight hump on their nose seen in profile but at the same decrease the width of the nose surrounding the hump. This is a request seen when people are trying to keep some identifying characteristics of their nose, such as the hump. The hump on their nose is a ‘family heirloom’ (ha ha) or simply put is their mother’s nose and they want to keep that characteristic. Your request reflects the trend that is being seen in cosmetics today: Ethnic looking noses are for lack of a better phrase ‘IN’. This can be easily seen by simply looking at many top models that have less than the ‘aesthetically perfect’ nose.