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How is a Chin Augmentation Done? Answering Questions About Genioplasty

November 19, 2019
Dr. George Moynihan

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A well-sculpted jawline and chin help to create facial symmetry for both males and females. Genioplasty, commonly known as chin augmentation or chin implants, can redefine and strengthen recessed or small chins when performed by an accomplished surgeon. Not only are the chin and jawline refined, the proportions of the face and neck are also balanced, which can help achieve a more attractive and even slender overall result.

Why have chin augmentation surgery?

Chin augmentation surgery may be appropriate if you have what’s commonly called a “weak” chin, or if your facial features aren’t proportional or symmetrical. The procedure, when done properly, can give the patient:

  • Improved proportionality of facial features
  • An enhanced chin
  • Better jawline and neck definition
  • A slimming effect by eliminating or significantly reducing the appearance of a double chin

How are chin augmentation surgeries performed?

Chin augmentation is the installation of a custom-fit chin implant around the patient’s mandible, or chin bone. This is a permanent correction.

While the concept of having a device surgically implanted may seem like a complex and lengthy procedure, chin augmentation is typically performed on an outpatient basis. To install the chin implant, the surgeon will make a small incision inside the mouth or under the chin, depending upon the patient. The implant is then fitted around the chin bone, and the incision is closed. It is very common for the whole surgery to take one hour or less under local anesthesia and sedation if the chin augmentation is performed as a standalone procedure – if additional procedures are being performed, the process will take longer. Recovery time typically doesn’t take longer than a few days, with patients able to return to usual, non-strenuous activities approximately one week after the surgery. It is important to sleep with the head elevated for the first few weeks after the operation to facilitate healing and mitigate swelling. Discomfort is usually successfully addressed with the use of over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammation medications.

What are chin implants made of?

Chin implants are typically biocompatible silicone medical devices that can be molded to fit any patient in order to produce the optimum results.

Once installed, chin implants should feel more or less identical to a natural chin. When a chin augmentation has been performed by a plastic surgeon who specializes in genioplasty, it should not be possible for an observer to tell a chin augmentation procedure has been performed. The devices are designed to stay in the face permanently and are constructed sturdily, but if a patient experiences severe facial trauma or injury, a replacement procedure may be in order if the unit becomes significantly damaged.

What are the risks of chin augmentation surgery?

For healthy and strong candidates for chin augmentation, the risks are minimal when the surgery is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon who specializes in the procedure. Some patients may experience infections and hematomas, among other side effects after surgery. Closely following your plastic surgeon’s instructions for recovery can mitigate potential medical complications.

Selecting the right plastic surgeon is especially important for ensuring optimal results. Make sure your surgeon is board certified and a specialist in Otolaryngology.

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