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Patient 2

This patient underwent a prior rhinoplasty performed by an outside surgeon to repair a traumatic injury to his nose. With the use of costal cartilage,.. Read more

Patient 3

Revision Rhinoplasty

Patient 4

Revision Rhinoplasty
This patient underwent five rhinoplasties with outside surgeons which resulted in cosmetic asymmetry, pinching and nasal airway breathing difficulty. The.. Read more

Patient 5

Revision Rhinoplasty

Patient 6

Revision Rhinoplasty
This patient underwent a cosmetic rhinoplasty more than twenty years ago. The surgery caused destabilization of her nasal structure which ultimately caused.. Read more

Patient 7

Revision Rhinoplasty
This patient was injured in a motor vehicle accident ten years ago and two rhinoplasty procedures were attempted by outside surgeons. Her photos were taken.. Read more

Patient 8

Revision Rhinoplasty

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