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Month: August 2021

August 31, 2021 Dr. George Moynihan

Ultherapy is one of the latest non-invasive cosmetic treatments that can effectively correct common signs of aging like wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin. Based on a small clinical study, 67%...

August 6, 2021 Dr. George Moynihan

Wrinkles and fine lines, loose or sagging skin, sun spots and age spots are common signs of aging that are usually the first to appear; or at least the first...

August 4, 2021 Dr. George Moynihan

A chemical peel is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that aims to improve skin issues like acne marks and dark spots. There are different types of chemical peels, and usually, these...

August 2, 2021 Dr. George Moynihan

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that can effectively lighten acne scars and dark spots on the face. The procedure involves a rolling pen with tiny needles to injure the...

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